Brandon Laurino of Konami Online has written another post on the PlayStation.Blog to address a number of questions people have had about the Metal Gear Online beta. The most pressing query being about a number of Metal Gear Online beta keys missing digits and, therefore, being unusable. People who are affected by this are advised to contact Konami Support, making sure to include your broken code and a return email address.

Laurino continues to answer more questions from users. While he does so we find out that Konami representatives will be participating in the beta themselves and that we should "stay tuned" for more info. This is also the case if you are after more details on the "gunmetal PS3" bundle which was announced last week. Funnily enough, though, no mention has been made of the fact that it is currently impossible to get a Konami ID from the website. The beta starts on Monday, so we're hoping that will be fixed before then. Otherwise Konami could have a lot of angry PS3 owners on their hands.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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