Today in Joystiq: April 30, 2008

... !!! (Via Game Politics) Check out the highlights for today:

Law of the Game on Joystiq: Of Pirates and Prostitutes
Poll: Are you having technical issues with GTA IV?
Readers pick best webcomic: Disincentives
Wiimote magician Johnny Lee on head tracking, Nintendo, and future videos
Wii Fanboy Weekly: Apr. 24 - Apr. 30

New Madden 09 pics show triumph, failure and mustaches
EA-Land to be shut down in August
PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV is 640p, nobody cares
Ubisoft opens up new studio in Kiev
Ghostbusters dev: Xbox 360 is holding us back
Crytek turns back on PC exclusivity, cites piracy
Valve: MS, Yahoo, others turned down chance to build Steam
Canada getting PSN price adjustment due to strong currency
Gamespot: Brief 9.5 for GTA IV was a 'bug'
God of War team recruits online programmer
OK Go, Jet, Daughtry in Guitar Hero: On Tour
Chart-Track estimates GTA IV broke UK sales record
Ryu Hayabusa kicks: Ninja Gaiden steals two soles
Moore knows people are 'pissed' about no PC Madden '09
Joyswag: Win Grand Theft Auto IV on your platform of choice
Rest Eschered, echochrome on American PSN tomorrow

Rumors & Speculation
GTA IV could be most expensive game ever made

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation takes on the God of War
Daily Show visits Liberty City

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