The Joystiq Weekend: May 17 - 18, 2008

An entry into Blizzard's "I Heart Starcraft" contest, celebrating the game's 10-year anniversary. View more entries here (via The Starfeed). Check out the highlights for today:

Japanese hardware sales, May 5 - May 11: He no nuts, he's crazy edition
Joystiq hands-on: Dead Space
This Week in Review is overstuffed
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is no longer #1 at GameRankings

Oregon Trail mobile updates a classic
EA deadline for Take-Two passes quietly
The Conduit gameplay trailer released
Obesity experts frown on Wii Fit's fatty-labeling, Nintendo apologizes
LittleBigPlanet gameplay details showcased in Sony Gamers' Day previews
Habbo census reveals PS3 to be 'Console of Choice' for teens
Meet The Agency's two factions: ParaGON and U.N.I.T.E.
Ted Nugent confirms his appearance in Guitar Hero IV on talk radio show
Pokemon Platinum revealed, set for fall release in Japan
Gingerbread stirs up new shooter with South American mythos

Culture & Community
Remember that character? Smash Bros. Rejects
19-year-old mayor of Oklahoma town is a gaming enthusiast
Metal Gear Retrospective: Part Two sneaks into the PS1 era
Feed your discs to the alligator-skinned Xbox 360
This is not how Mario should die

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