Graphic by Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo Gizmodo is reporting that "sources close to the 3G launch" have provided confirmation that the iPhone 3G will be announced at the WWDC 2008 Keynote on June 9th. While this does sound a lot like a rumor, other factors such as nonexistent stocks of first-generation iPhones, the flurry of non-US iPhone launch announcements last week, and the all-but-confirmed Steve Jobs keynote all point to something big.

Gizmodo also speculates that European launch dates are scheduled to follow close on the heels of the US announcement, with iPhone 3G availability in Spain at the grand opening of the Telefonica megastore in Madrid on June 18th.

June 9th sounds good to me, since I can buy my wife an iPhone 3G for our 29th anniversary on that day! What's your take on the iPhone 3G rumor du jour? Give it a reality check by taking our poll:

iPhone 3G Rumor Reality Check
This is it, baby! Start lining up!5099 (75.6%)
Nahhh, it'll be out in September...550 (8.2%)
Just in time for the Christmas buying season250 (3.7%)
3G? Let's wait until 2009 for 4G!844 (12.5%)

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