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Rumor: Resident Evil 5 embraces online co-op

Dustin Burg

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Recently, new information regarding Resident Evil 5 surfaced over at Games Radar, revealing all kinds of (yet to be confirmed) informative bits that are sure to make RE fans' heart go a flutter. Sadly, the news post has since been removed (Capcom damage control?), but not before the crew over at Eurogamer copied all the goods.

According to the leak which we're currently filing under the rumor category, the biggest RE5 feature reveal is that the game will include online enabled campaign co-op all the way through, where a second player will play as a female mercenary who'll be present the entire game. If not player controlled, the game's AI will take over. Other juicy details were mentioned including word that the mercenaries mini-game from RE4 will be back and the addition of a new cover system. As far as a release date goes, Capcom is said to be shooting for a 2009 release that should see RE5 on store shelves between January and March of next year. You can check out the other rumor'ish and spoiler'ish nuggets of RE5 campaign info after the jump.

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