Here's a little known fact about Wisconsin: Did you know that it's unlawful to run a bar in the state unless you have at least six fish hanging on the wall? And if this didn't sell you on the virtues of the Badger State, frankly get off our lawn. Unless, of course, you're a game developer with an interest in settling down in Wisconsin, as the state has announced that it now offers devs a 25 percent tax rebate just for calling it home.

The move, which also includes businesses in the film and television industries, echoes similar initiatives by states such as Georgia and others to lure game developers across their borders. Wisconsin is already home to a handful of notable studios, including Marvel Ultimate Alliance dev Raven Software and Prey's Human Head, though it will be interesting to see if this sizable tax break, along with an additional 15 percent credit for "infrastructure development," will be enough to convince devs to put down roots in America's Dairyland.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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