Today in Joystiq: July 27, 2008

A freshly-inked arm feature BioShock's Big Daddy and Little Sister, made Wednesday and sent in by Joystiq reader Nate G. He offered to send us pics after it heals, but we think the tinge of blood and pain is appropriate given the tattoo's subject matter. Check out the highlights for today:

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Full-page Kmart ad showing $299 Xbox 360
Official PS3 Bluetooth headset revealed, bundled with SOCOM
Hudson crafting a new Adventure Island
Soul Calibur IV getting tag teams of some kind
38 Studios bags former THQ, EA art guy
Röck Band Weekly: Accrüe the awesöme Crüefest DLC
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 getting free multiplayer maps in July

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: UGO-owned lists Kid Icarus, Alan Wake, HL2: Episode 3

Culture & Community
One of the easiest Wii homebrew guides you'll find
Amazon's gold box deal: Smash Bros Brawl for $26
Blizzard offers live streams of Worldwide Invitational
PAX 2008 exhibitor list is quite large

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