What's up with MobileMe email? In recent days we've been hearing from a lot of very unhappy MobileMe subscribers. They're unhappy because their email accounts have been inaccessible.

David told us: "Some MobileMe mail users have been without mail access for four days straight now."

At the time of writing, the MobileMe status report says: "1% of MobileMe members cannot access MobileMe Mail. We apologize for any inconvenience."

But TUAW reader Drew told us: "Just got off the phone with AppleCare and they tell me MobileMe email is going to be down for 2-3 days, and that it's the whole system, not just the 1% as noted on the support site. Those of us that use .me as a work address are hosed. Normally I wouldn't care but I have 2 photoshoots to coordinate Sunday. Is it me, or does this feel like a M$ launch?"

Well, readers, you tell us. How has MobileMe mail been for you over the weekend?

Thanks to everyone who contacted us about this issue.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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