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New Halo 3 content to be unveiled during PAX

Dustin Burg
Although their plans have changed a bit, team Bungie is steadfast at making their Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) presence known with the unveiling of new Halo 3 multiplayer content. In a recent update posted on, Sketch mentions that PAX attendees can "expect to find some brand new Halo 3 multiplayer conent [sic]" even though the content or anything else at PAX for that matter is "not going to be the 'big announcement' many of our fans are clamoring for." A new multiplayer map perhaps? We think that would be a good bet.

So, between the Bungie meeting, swag winning, autograph signing and Recon earning that'll be going down at PAX this year, we'll also get a chance to preview some new Halo 3 content. But sadly, the E3 delayed BIG announcement will not be unveiled at PAX and the Bungie planned FanFest will not take place either. Somewhat exciting, somewhat sad.