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Rock Band Weekly: Staind, Testament, Scars on Broadway, The New No 2


Harmonix announced its tracks for next week's Rock Band DLC and it's a slathering of metal. Yes, we're sure there's a better way to describe these bands than just saying "metal." Alternative metal? Post-modern alternative metal? Thrash pre-philosophy metal? Alternative existential rock? We can't keep track of sub-genres anymore.

Individual songs (160 MS points/ $2)
  • "They Say" - Scars on Broadway (160 MS points/ $2)
  • "This is it" - Staind (160 MS points/ $2)
  • "Electric Crown" - Testament (160 MS points/ $2)
  • "Yomp" - The New No 2 (80 MS points/ $1)
Check out videos for these songs after the break. The tracks will be available for download next Tuesday and Thursday for Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively.

Can't find "Yomp." Sorry.