The land of Hello Kitty is also the land of the iPhone.

Here in the US, we only have 2 or 3 magazines that cover the Mac, and they usually throw in coverage about the iPhone. Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine is coming out with a special iPhone magazine called iPhone Life. But for our Japanese friends, many iPhone-specific magazines have been available for over a year.

In the photo at right, you can see 4 of the mags that were found recently in a Tokyo camera shop. One commenter to a Macenstein post reported seeing 6 different iPhone magazines in a small "Kwik-E-Mart" on one of the tinier Japanese islands.

Apparently the content of the magazines is quite similar, with articles about jailbreaking the 3G being popular. Would you buy an iPhone-specific magazine? Take our poll!

[via Amarinalameda and Macenstein]

Would you buy an iPhone-related magazine?
Whaddya mean "would"? I already get six of 'em from Japan!153 (6.1%)
iPhone pr0n!439 (17.5%)
Yeah, it's called Macworld.593 (23.7%)
No, but if you have one about the Newton MessagePad...278 (11.1%)
What? And kill a tree?822 (32.8%)
iPhone 3G anime!219 (8.7%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.