After Scott Jennings' departure from NCsoft earlier this month, he quickly announced his newest home at the small casual game startup John Galt Games, most-famously known for their Web Wars browser-based game. But to add insult to injury, Lum the Mad, as he's most affectionately known, took this opportunity to let us all know how he felt about the current subscription-based business model with most popular MMOs. It's "an arms race that few can even hope to compete in, much less win," says Jennings.

This issue is often a heated debate among players and developers alike, but what does Jennings suggest we do about it? "Embracing open source development, crowd-sourcing content, targeting different platforms such as the Web or mobile phones, all of these are valid," suggests Jennings. He also points to the increasing costs of MMO development these days, and how some smaller-budget MMOs like Club Penguin and RuneScape have does much more with much less.

Now that an industry heavyweight like Jennings has made the leap, and we see more big-name online games shutting down or losing staff, will others soon follow?

This article was originally published on Massively.
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