Warhammer Online's cut content will return for free

Just in case you needed some reassurance, Mark Jacobs has flat out told 1up.com that Warhammer Online's cut content -- when added back -- would be a free content update. So toss any worries of an expansion featuring previously discussed content out the window, it's not happening. Now we can all go back to wearing our tinfoil hats and guessing (re: arguing) over which races are going to be added to the game in its first expansion. While we're sure Skaven are going to be a popular pick for many (some of us have a strange evil beast fixation) there is a certain draw to the wet, nasty and all-around cool Vampire Counts. At least that's the opinion of this particular blogger, who just wants to march about the countryside as a Blood Knight slaughtering Bretonnians gleefully.
This article was originally published on Massively.