Proto Man playable in Mega Man 9 ... for a price

Want to perform a slide tackle or charge shot in Mega Man 9 this Thursday? Sorry, you're out of luck. Mega Man seems to have lost those abilities in his transition back to the NES era (even though he had those abilities from Mega Man 3 onwards, which was a NES title). There may still be a chance, though. GamesRadar is reporting that Proto Man will be a downloadable character and will have both of these abilities. You'd better get your nickels and dimes ready, though, because he's not going to be free.

He should be arriving on the US PSN store during the week of October 6th and will cost you $1.99. Think of him as an "easy mode." From what we've played of Mega Man 9, by October 6th, you'll be screaming for an easy mode.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.