NetNewsWire was one of the first native applications on the iPhone to read RSS feeds. Today, NewsGator released some astounding statistics about their application and users. One of the announcements was that NNW on the iPhone has over 200,000 users. Some of the other interesting stats they're talking about are:
  • 115,000 users have signed up for the iPhone version in the past 30-days
  • Average NNW for iPhone users subscribe to 26 feeds (I subscribe to over 115 -- just sayin')
  • One NNW for iPhone user subscribes to over 2,800 feeds (and how does this person read all of the newsies coming over the wire?)
NetNewsWire is a free application for the iPhone that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). You can celebrate with the NewsGator folks on their blog. Be sure to take part in our poll to find out how many RSS feeds you subscribe to.

How many RSS feeds to you subscribe to?
I don't use RSS feed readers1160 (41.0%)
1-25967 (34.2%)
25-50328 (11.6%)
50-100175 (6.2%)
100-200109 (3.9%)
200 plus92 (3.2%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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