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Sling Media's Clip+Sling strides into beta, release looks imminent

Darren Murph

Sling Media has a history of not disappointing, and while we were admittedly bummed to see Clip+Sling omitted from SlingPlayer 2.0, it looks like that one gripe is about to be remedied. If you'll recall, said feature was originally announced way back at the front end of 2007, and now select users are receiving e-mails announcing the launch of a private beta program. The portal promises to "give users access to a premier library of content from top TV networks, movie studios, sports leagues and websites," and reportedly, it'll let folks "grab snippets of television content, upload them to the Sling site and create playlists and feeds that can be viewed and subscribed to by others." Is that YouTube / Hulu / Joost / et al. quaking in their boots, or are we just happy it's Friday?

Update: Sling pinged us to say that the actual Clip+Sling functionality was still in progress and wouldn't be a part of the initial portal. It's still in the works, though -- shame it won't happen sooner, though.