Blizzard comments on new MMO launch issues and WoW expansion schedules

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime feels that companies new to the MMO genre underestimate the challenges of launching a new game into the market, according to an interview with Morhaime's specifically says, "I think everyone who hasn't done it will probably underestimate the logistics behind it - we certainly did," He continues to lay out his reasoning, citing such factors as scaling everything up quickly, multiple languages, 24/7 services and maintaining internal developer support all at the same time.

Morhaime also mentions the once trumpeted yearly release schedule for Word of Warcraft expansions, saying, "Right now we're on the longer than a year plan." The news is unfortunate for anyone hoping to see another expansion released by the same time next year, but Morhaime assures fans that it will be worth the wait. We certainly hope so with developers like Turbine and Mythic who've had past experience getting quality expansions out on a regular beat biting at Blizzard's heels.
This article was originally published on Massively.