Joystiq Podcast 069 - Aggro edition

We don't know exactly why but Chris and Ludwig are really at each others' throats this week, and over really important stuff too, like Silent Hill Homecoming. But, luckily, Justin has returned to the show to bathe them in soothing rays of love.

This show is jam-packed with new releases, Tokyo Game Show and E For All impressions and all the usual inanity. You had better start listening. Oh, and blame Ste Birks of the JPAG for this week's REALLY unnerving photoshop.

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy

Music: "Get Ready for Love" by Nick Cave, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller

For fans: Joystiq Podcast Facebook group

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StarCraft 2 to be released as a trilogy

Diablo 3 Wizard class revealed

World of Warcraft 'Echoes of Doom' patch out today


Sony reveals PS3 firmware 2.5, PSP firmware 5.0 details

Microsoft's NXE storage solution: Free 512MB memory card or $20 for 20GB HDD

September NPD: $1.27b in sales, but it's no Halo 3 launch


'BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams' teased in BioShock PS3

Konami: 'We're actively looking' into MGS4 on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 has 'the power to run MGS4,' says Schappert

Japanese business journal removes MGS4 on Xbox 360 quote

New games this week: Dead Space edition

Metareview: LittleBigPlanet

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