0 Platinum
2 Gold
1 Silver
7 Bronze
Difficulty: Moderate
Online Trophies? Yes
Time to Completion: 10 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophies
Total traversal
Complete courses A to G.
echochrome master
Collect all the trophies.

Silver Trophy
Complete all stages in A to G.

Bronze Trophies
Half the journey
Complete all stages in A to D.
Rock bottom
Fall 100 times while playing stages.
Flyin' high
Leap 100 times while playing stages.
Take a hike
Take 10,000 steps while playing stages.
Collect 500 echoes.
Complete 100 stages in any mode.
Gimme five
Upload five stages.

Helpful Link: Echochrome course G

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