Oh, come on. You knew something like this was bound to happen, didn't you? What, you honestly thought my first week behind the wheel of this time-honored weekly feature wouldn't be spent usurping its intended purpose, changing its focus from the evaluation of comedic gaming-centric comics to a weekly thought-provoking seminar on the brilliance and relevance of Marmaduke?

Okay, fine -- since it's the holidays, I'll allow you one last week of the genre you've become oh-so-accustomed to. You know the drill: Pick your favorite, vote in the poll (posted after the jump), and tell us the hee-larious strips we missed out on that should be included in the next installment of the WeeWebWrap. Oh, wait; that last bit won't be necessary -- you're getting Marmaduke.

How the King Stole Christmas Part 2 (Brawl in the Family)
You Will Feel the Heat (Penny Arcade)
Theatrical Debut
(Digital Unrest)
Acquired Talents (Dueling Analogs)
Hardcore (2P START)
Stringy Theory (Sidescroller)
Wii Fat
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: December 20, 2008
How the King Stole Christmas Part 2 (Brawl in the Family)424 (38.7%)
You Will Feel the Heat (Penny Arcade) 93 (8.5%)
Theatrical Debut (Digital Unrest)56 (5.1%)
Acquired Talents (Dueling Analogs)208 (19.0%)
Hardcore (2P START)126 (11.5%)
Stringy Theory (Sidescroller) 20 (1.8%)
Wii Fat (MNC)170 (15.5%)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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