DS releases for the week of December 22nd

Oh by golly, have a holly jolly something this week, because what you're not getting are DS games. Uh, unless they're gifts. But even if we had a bevy of releases, none would shine so brightly in this blogger's extraordinarily nerdy eyes as the lone title slated for Europe: 100 Classic Book Collection.

Dear Reggie-Santa: I have been very, very good. Please bring me books on the DS for the new year. And in the meantime, hit the break to see what's out in Japan, where they're not taking the week off. Quite the opposite, in fact!
  • 100 Classic Book Collection

  • Akaiito DS
  • Asoberu Eigo: Word Magic DS
  • Happy My Sweets
  • Kokoro ga Uruou Birei Aquarium DS 2: Sekai no Uo to Ikura-Kujira Tachi
  • Magical Zunou Power!! DS
  • Phantasy Star Zero
  • Team Batista no Eikou: Shinjitsu o Tsumugu 4-tsu no Karte
  • Uchi no 3 Kyoudai DS

This article was originally published on Joystiq.