Let us see your Quincy, show it to us

By now, we imagine that you've heard the Quincying episode of the Joystiq Podcast, read all about Quincying or, like a quarter-million people, watched the Quincying video. Yes, Griffin McElroy's "Quincying" is a horrifyingly real, worldwide phenomenon.

Though the premise is universal, the "Quincy" is not. Each person must endeavor to make their own man-beast for their Attractive Female Avatar to transmogrify into. But, unlike the rest of the Home community, we want to see your Quincy. Load a single picture of your AFA and your Quincy and post a link in the comments below. We'll put them all in a photo gallery, sure to be a disturbing collection of monstrosities that avatar moms tell their avatar children about, just to scare them into behaving.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.