We know, we can't imagine how this naming convention could be confusing at all, but VIA's vice president of corporate marketing Richard Brown has stepped forward to clarify things a bit. In short, that Nano 3000 we heard about a few days back will not be dual-core, but the firm is still lining up a dual-core version of its Nano processor in order to totally slay Intel's Atom in the future. According to Mr. Brown: "The Nano 3000 isn't dual-core. It's a different version of the Nano that's based on a more advanced manufacturing process." So, the take-home here is that VIA actually has a couple of new chips in the pipeline worth keeping an eye on, and we're even told that the Q4 release date for the still-elusive dual-core CPU remains solid. CES 2010 sure seems like a swell launching pad, no?