We've known that it was likely Mythic wouldn't be bringing back one of the original melee DPS classes to Greenskins and Dwarves. Of course that doesn't mean the two races won't even have a new class -- as evidenced by the mind games Mythic is now playing with the Warhammer Online community.

The box contains orange hair dye, a hair trimming kit and the ominous note that says, "More to come 1-29-09" How is this significant? Take a look at some official Warhammer Dwarven lore:

"A notable aspect to Dwarf culture is the Slayer Oath. A Dwarf who has suffered a great shame, loss, or humiliation will dye his hair and beard orange, and cut it into a Mohawk using pig grease to stick it in place."

Was this a little bit blunt? Maybe, but we don't mind, since it's got us excited for a possibly very awesome new class for Warhammer Online. We only hope that when the Greenskins get their melee DPS class it's as interesting as this announcement.

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