Yes, that's right, now you too can wear goofy glasses in front of your PC monitor and feel as if the whole world of Azeroth is jumping out from the screen and into your computer room, all thanks to NVIDIA.

If you have a GeForce graphics chipset, then you just might be eligible to see the most played MMO in crazy three-dimensional glory. Thanks to the new patch for World of Warcraft, the game has become perfectly compatible with NVIDIA's stereoscopic 3D vision. What all of that means is that you can buy a really expensive pair of glasses, upgrade your NVIDIA card, and then gawk in the glory of 3D while anyone who passes by you wonders why you're staring at a blurry screen with a pair of awkward looking nerd glasses.
In other news, apparently NVIDIA doesn't want you to play Age of Conan. Games are given a "3D quality" rating on their vision website, putting the games into three categories -- excellent, good, and fair. For example, World of Warcraft has an excellent rating.

The only game with the rating "not recommended" is, strangely enough, one of the only other MMOs on the list -- Age of Conan. Now, we're not sure what "not recommended" totally means. It's probably playable, but it's not going to have as many 3-D qualities as WoW or another game on the list. Still though, is playing Age of Conan with 3D glasses akin to crossing the streams?

This article was originally published on Massively.
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