Perusing the assorted New York Comic Con invitations in our inbox this morning, we stumbled across one particularly interesting line among the bullet points in an email from Activision -- a much more solid release date for upcoming T-1000 simulation open-world/action game Prototype. And rather than put words into the company's mouth, let's look right at what came from the press release:

"Hands-on – fans get their first chance to play the highly anticipated open-world/action thriller, PROTOTYPE, planned for release in June."

We can't say for sure if we're excited for the potential 12 hours of shape-shifting, open-world madness yet, but look for our first impressions later this week (though as the picture above confirms -- yes, you can shoot blood in all directions). If you're really jonesin' for some brutality in the meantime, check out the latest trailer from last month's CES.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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