LG doesn't rock the WinMo boat, launches S60-powered KT770 on the downlow

In light of its fresh tie-up with Microsoft, we can understand how any LG smartphone not running WinMo might be perceived as a black sheep this week. Still, it bums us that the the company has launched its latest S60-powered handset -- the KT770 slider -- at MWC this week with little more than a brief mention on LG's official MWC site and a couple of forlorn demo models stuffed in the corner of the company's booth. The good news is we decided to make good on LG's oversight and give this little beauty the love it deserves with a mention, a gallery, and a quick video of its tweaked S60 3.2-based UI in action.

The faux carbon fiber back is a little cheesy -- particularly for a device that otherwise looks fairly businesslike -- but with 7.2Mbps HSDPA, GPS, a WQVGA display, and a 5 megapixel camera on board, it's hard to argue that this device can't be competitive (put this up against the far bulkier, uglier N95, for example). The UI seemed reasonably responsive, and though we weren't able to test the browser without a connection, we imagine the stock S60 apps work every bit as well as they do on Nokia fare. Check out the video after the break!