EA has notified press that it intends to demonstrate a new game from its Montreal studio (along with other forthcoming projects) next Monday, March 9. The Canadian studio, currently hard (we hope) at work on one third of EA's new Need For Speed trio, namely the Wii-bound Need For Speed: Nitro, is expected to formally announce the project on March 12.

Extending this post would only lead to rampant and inevitably spurious speculation, so we'll just let you take a guess at what this mystery title could be.

Obviously, EA Montreal's new game is:
Army of Two 2: Desmond's Revenge1220 (32.7%)
Need For Speed: Drug Kingpin168 (4.5%)
SSX: BFF Slope Showdown748 (20.1%)
Dead Space Boogie: Larynx Lop339 (9.1%)
Skate It: Pennywise Carnival55 (1.5%)
Established Franchise: Obtuse Subtitle1196 (32.1%)

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