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Samsung A877 with AMOLED touchscreen coming to AT&T this month?

Chris Ziegler

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Are we looking at the best thing this side of a smartphone to grace AT&T? Quite possibly, and jilted Quickfire owners who miss the form factor should probably be taking note. Rumor has it that we're looking at the Samsung A877 here, delivering some 3.2 inches of AMOLED glory at WQVGA resolution, a 3 megapixel cam with geotagging support, TouchWiz (naturally), GPS, HSDPA, and a landscape slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. Even better, PhoneDog's tipster says it'll be hitting just a couple weeks away on March 29, so we don't have terribly long to wait. The Eternity just got a whole lot less interesting, eh?

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