The version update is a special time for all Final Fantasy XI players. A time where people gather around Tetra Master while they wait for the servers to come back up, a time when people cry nerf when Square-Enix changed how their class worked, but especially a time to drool over all of the coming new features.

We already heard that Square-Enix would be expanding the Fields of Valor and Moblin Maze Mongers systems, but now we get to see that there's much more in store for April's update. Things like brand new nation missions, more areas in game that support treasure casket drops, notorious (elite) monsters appearing in the campaign system, and the huge announcement of "item augmentation," a type of enchanting system for pieces of equipment.

For a game over six years old, FFXI keeps proving to its community that it can keep up with the features of newer MMOs, as well as deploy features that aid the playability of the game. As more information comes in regarding all of these new changes, we'll keep you updated with all of the juicy details.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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