If you've been straining your eyes and ears over the recently released "soundwave trailer" for Modern Warfare 2, you may want to give your weary senses a rest, and turn your attention to one of two comprehensive breakdowns of the trailer that recently appeared in our inbox. The first is a video analysis from YouTuber d4v1dm0rt, which is embedded after the break. The second, a compilation of zoomed in screengrabs from the trailer (broken down by Binge Gamer's Mike Murakami), can be viewed here.

They probably spotted a few items you might have missed out on -- such as the brief image depicting five perk icons, four of which appear to be entirely new. Maybe you didn't catch the flash frame of O Cristo Redentor, which could be hinting at Rio de Janeiro as a possible in-game locale. Perhaps your keen gaze overlooked the momentarily visible teddy bear, which could symbolize ... cuddlier enemies? Yeah, we're still not too sure about that one.

[Thanks, David and Mika!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.