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The Daily Grind: Your EVE moments of triumph?


As an EVE Online player, you can never tell what's going to be safe - whether your current moment will be your best - or your last. If you're playing espionage games, will they find out what you're up to before you make off with a hangar full of goods? Out hunting in wolf packs? Better hope you don't run up against something nastier than you. Even things as basic as can flipping have turned out to be deadly. Truly, New Eden is an eat-or-be-eaten place to live - but that's why we like it.

That said, this morning we wanted to take a moment to ask all the EVE Online players out there what your best, brightest, and most memorable moments of triumph were? Obviously you don't have to name names - unless you want to, of course - but we'd love to hear about what your most memorable moments in the unforgiving arms of New Eden. Was it sneaky? Or did it involve lots of weaponry and an awesome battle? Tell us your war stories!

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