Listen up, this is very important stuff here.

When male Draenei logged on last night, they were greeted with some serious facial hair. No one is sure exactly what's happened, and the only blue response is a reply asking for folks to post if they're having the issue.

Now what I have to say next is the important part.

Who has the best 'stache pictured above?

To the left we have the timeless hunk of man meat Burt Reynolds, in the middle we have Virtual Sacco, and on the right sits the anchorman himself, Ron Burgundy. Vote and be heard! The results of the poll will matter more than you could ever know...

Who has the best 'stache?
Burt Reynolds4884 (36.6%)
Male Draenei Sacco3411 (25.5%)
Ron Burgundy5059 (37.9%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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