It's no surprise that God of War III will most likely be receiving collector's edition treatment. What's surprising is one of the bonus items Sony is considering: a Blu-ray disc containing -- it would seem -- PS3 compatible versions of God of War and God of War II.

In a survey sent to registered PlayStation 3 owners, Sony asks recipients to rate their interest in several possible bonus items on a scale of 1-10. Among the standard fare of "full game soundtrack" and "art book" is "God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc." That's a "10" in our book, not to mention a great way to make these games available to those who either never played them on PS2 or no longer have the system and whose PS3's lack backwards-compatibility.

Now we'll take a survey. Would this bonus be of interest to you? Let us know in comments. You can find a full list of the proposed collector's edition extras after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]
  • Full game soundtrack
  • Comic book/Graphic novel
  • Exclusive packaging
  • God of War and God of War II on Blu-ray disc
  • God of War and God of War II cinematic movie compilation
  • Art book
  • Access to exclusive downloadable content
  • Behind-the-scenes/"Making of" featurettes
  • Developer commentary
  • Kratos Statue/Figurine/Bust
  • Key chain
  • Necklace
  • T-shirt

This article was originally published on Joystiq.