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Magellan intros 4.7-inch RoadMate 1475T PND for $299

Darren Murph

Magellan's been on somewhat of a hiatus since being taken away by MiTAC, and while an unassuming FCC find has shown that it's still alive and well, we're thrilled to see the company's second actual product announcement in over half a year. The RoadMate 1475T is, for all intents and purposes, a refreshed RoadMate 1470 with a traffic receiver, though said traffic receiver works without any monthly fees. It features a 4.7-inch WQVGA anti-glare display, AAA TourBook listings, six million POIs, spoken street name guidance, highway lane assist, QuickSpell and NAVTEQ maps of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Not too shabby for just $299, wouldn't you say?

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