We're actually kind of surprised we didn't put this together earlier. Let's Tap features a "visualizer" mode that translates your percussive taps to pretty, swirly effects on the screen. SquidTV's Rick Mears got the bright idea to set the Wiimote on top of a speaker, crank up some Pink Floyd (the go-to band for freaky visual effects), and let the movements of the speaker provide the tapping. See for yourself after the break.

The result, once it really gets going, is an impressive, abstract display that moves to the beat. And now that we think about it, this must have been Prope's intent all along, as a music visualizer makes so much more sense than ... just a visualizer. Of course, who are we to try to make sense of a game that requires you to keep the controller out of your hands?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.