Welcome to Betawatch, Massively's newest weekly report on the state of MMO betas. In each installment, we'll report everything from the latest open betas, closed betas and even alphas in one convenient place. Plus, we'll make sure to include as much info on each game's current status, including projected release dates (if known) and links to the sign-up forms to get yourself into that beta you've been seeking.

This has been a fairly busy week for betas, which is great for us! The announcement of Dungeons and Dragons Online going free-to-play led to a new closed beta for that system, while Jade Dynasty moved from closed to open beta. We also added two newcomers to the list: Sudden Attack, which is in closed beta and Monato Esprit, which has reached its final stage of beta testing. With our gigantic beta key giveaway yesterday, Cities XL is now officially in the closed beta ranks. Follow along below for the complete Betawatch list.
Open Beta Stage

Closed Beta Stage

Alpha Stage
* Dragonica is EU only. Dragonica Online is the NA version
** Western release only.

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