It's Sonic's birthday tomorrow. He's turning 18 and leaving the awkwardness of puberty behind to become an adult hedgehog. To celebrate this special time in every blue speed-demon's life, Sega is going to hold a bash and give away many Sonic-related gifts to all of his fans. On Tuesday, June 23 (that's tomorrow), keep your eyes glued to both @sonicgames on Twitter and Sonic on Facebook for a chance to win any one of the 15 prize packs up for grabs (see after the break for deets).

All prizes are available to win worldwide -- there's no silly regional restrictions it would seem (except for Quebec because you're too good for foreign goods*). The Sega Blognik has the full rules on how (and when) to enter the contests, so make sure you hit that up.

*Not an actual restriction

  • NiGHTS Cameo Pack - NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams Soundtrack Sampler & SEGA Circular Keyring
  • Summer Of Sonic T-Shirt (L) - from the 2008 Sonic Convention.
  • Sonic 3 360 Marketplace Redemption Code
  • Sonic Chronicles Pack: Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog Comic - #191 and Sonic Chronicles DS Tin(UK version)
  • Sonic Christmas Chaos Pack - Sonic Chocolate Advent Calendar and SEGA Circular Keyring
  • Sonic X Kids Pack - Cream Mini-Plush Toy, MatchBox Convoy Rig and Sonic X Kid's Toothbrush
  • Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 1 - M&S Summer A3 Poster and Enamel Pin Badge
  • Sonic Riders: Zero GravityPack - SR:ZG T-shirt (L) and Sticker Set
  • The Old & The New Pack - Sonic Unleashed (PS2) & SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (360) (Europe/PAL only)
  • Sega Stationary Pack- Sega Writing Block, Post-It Block & Sega Circular Keyring
  • Sonic 06 Pack - Sonic 06 Mug & Sonic Kids T-Shirt (M)
  • Super PS3 Unleashed DLC Pack - Redeemable PS3 DLC Codes for Apotos, Holoska, Chun-Nan & Spagonia
  • Sonic Rush Adventure Pack - Sonic Rush Adventure, Skull & Crossbones T-Shirt (M) and Compass Keyring
  • Mario & Sonic Prize Pack 2 - M&S Summer A3 Poster, Enamel Pin Badge & Red M&S Tracksuit (S)
  • Sonic & The Secret Rings Pack - SatSR T-Shirt Signed by Sonic Team members and SatSR Soundtrack Sampler

This article was originally published on Joystiq.