The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

webOS SDK bemoaned by iPhone developer as Palm seeks game API engineers
Palm's webOS has never been a platform to stir the interest of the casual gamer.
Toshiba launching Blu-ray player by year's end
We've heard confirmations and denials about the outfit finally caving and supporting the format it once battled so valiantly.
Intel's 34nm-based 320GB solid state drive creeps closer to reality
Hankering for an SSD that's as big as your traditional HDD? So is Intel, or so we hear.
Other news of import
Universal bringing BD-Live integration to the iPhone, irony to starving children
Let's hope El Steve reconsiders his whole "bag of hurt" stance when he gets the demo.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager coming to Mac in September
Mac users, rejoice -- well, the BlackBerry users in the lot of you, anyway.