The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Apple tablet rumored for launch early next year, for serious this time: seriously
Sources say Steve Jobs is finally happy with it and there's an internal go-ahead to get this thing ready for next year.
Microsoft relents to European Commission, will give users browser freedom in Windows 7
At the end of the day, we're personally just happy to not be using IE -- no matter how you slice it.
Jeff Bezos issues humble apology over pulled Kindle title
The guilt expressed in this public apology is comparable to a modern day Dimmesdale -- he may have even seared a mark into his flesh for all we know.
Other news of import
Michael Bay plans The Dark Knight-style IMAX sequences for Transformers 2 Blu-ray
Hope you liked TDK's treatment of its shot-for-IMAX scenes, as it may be a trend.
Palm complains about Apple to USB governing body, while Pre / iTunes sync "fix" is explained
You should be refilling that popcorn bucket right about now.