Cowabunga! Bodacious! Other TMNT saying! Pardon the hoopla, but Ubisoft has confirmed to Joystiq that next week's XBLA "Summer of Arcade" release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, will debut at 800 ($10), 400 ($5) less than the originally announced 1200 ($15) price.

"We wanted to give something to the loyal TMNT fans in honor of the 25th anniversary," Ubisoft responded when asked about the last-minute change. Then again, dare we really question the generosity of a mega-publisher when it actually want us to shell out less for its games? (Oh, and for those eyeing the
800 [$10] rebate from MS for buying everything in the Summer of Arcade lineup? Well, it just got $5 cheaper to buy "everything.")

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This article was originally published on Joystiq.