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Deal: PS3 160GB Uncharted bundle drops to $450 on Amazon


If you're in the market for a new PlayStation 3, the higher echelon model of the console is now a tad more affordable -- Amazon is offering the 160GB Uncharted bundle for just $449, a $50 discount from the package's usual price point. As one might discern from the bundle's moniker, it contains a copy of Naughty Dog's brilliant action title and tosses in a voucher code for PAIN for good measure.

If you were thinking about picking up the basic 80GB model, it might be worth it to trade up. For $50 extra bucks, you can grab one of the best games on the system, a fun little PSN title, and an amount of hard drive space that some might consider gratuitous. Then again, perhaps it's worth waiting for an even slimmer deal.