Blur pre-order bonuses make decision about where to buy less clear

Activision has announced the pre-order bonuses for Blur, which include different extras for three different retailers. Don't worry too much about being forced to choose -- it's just digital stuff, and not, like, a hat or anything.

Pre-ordering Bizarre Creations' latest racer from GameStop (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) will net you an "Exclusive Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit" which unlocks a Ford Bronco and an exclusive "Last Man Standing" multiplayer survival mode, as well as a "Double Fans" bonus for the first ten multiplayer races, which increases your ability to earn money.

Those who pre-order from Game Crazy will receive double cash for the first three single-player races. And purchasing the game on the release date from Best Buy gets a code to unlock a Dodge Hennessey Viper.

Activision still has yet to officially reveal when that release date will be, though all three retailers agree on November 3.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.