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Way of the Samurai 3 coming to North America via two publishers


At long last, there's an answer to the following timeless riddle -- how many publishers does it take to port a Japanese-centric franchise to North America on two different systems? Okay, fine, that's not so much a timeless riddle as it is a question we just made up, but it's been answered regardless: In the case of Way of the Samurai 3, the answer is two. Agetec and UFO Interactive will be bringing Spike's samurai sim stateside, each publishing the title on one platform a piece (PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively).

We knew UFO would be bringing the game to North American 360s -- but couldn't foresee Agetec's involvement in the game's importing. Now we just need Atlus to bring the game to the Wii, and this bizarre localization triumvirate will be complete.