There's a confusing variety of 250GB PlayStation 3 bundles available in different regions. Put simply, the following theorem appears to hold true: if there's a high-profile PS3 game on the way this year, there is also a PS3 bundle for it somewhere in the world. The latest potential candidate for a bundle: Tekken 6, as suggested by this image posted by Dutch site Nextgamer. It matches the look of the Need for Speed Shift bundle box posted by Engadget, except it includes a note about the hard drive size, which is omitted from the Shift box.

Sony UK revealed a surprising lack of investment in its worldwide operations when it told CVG that "We're not doing that bundle but one of the territories might be." Even if it is real, you don't get an arcade stick with this bundle, so it seems less than ideal.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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