We can only imagine the meeting at Vicarious Visions where the development team behind Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2's DLC was arranged. "Well, we've already got Spider-Man and Venom, but we really feel like the game's still lacking in the Spider-Man spinoff department -- what about that other Spider-Man guy?" And thus, Carnage enters the fray as the game's first downloadable character.

Known for his stint in the super-violent Spider-Man mini-series "Maximum Carnage" and, um, that SNES game we played so long ago, Carnage will assuredly lend an over-the-top je ne sais quoi to MUA2's proceedings. We're not exactly sure what happens when you pair him with Spider-Man and Venom on screen, but we worry they might get eaten by Carnage, which could be really awkward.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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