If you needed proof that October 27th was just a couple weeks away (aside from a calendar, of course) then look no further than this massive update to the Blood Moon page on the official Champions Online website. The page is filled with event-exclusive perks, rewards, item drops, screens and even a snazzy Takofanes wallpaper. The zombie Foxbat toy in particular will be a wonderful way of making all your friends jealous, assuming you can get it to drop.

Those new screens are actually pretty key here, because they reveal something about Blood Moon we didn't specifically know yet: the new costume pieces. Looking through the screens, we noticed player characters who're obviously using the new Celestial powers. However, some of them -- like the character above this post -- are sporting outfit pieces that we're wholly unfamiliar with from our time in the game.

Now, it could be that we haven't come across these angelically inspired outfits yet, but something tells us this just isn't the case. We're sure to hear something more official in the next week or so, but you heard it here first!

This article was originally published on Massively.