Dante's Inferno anime remains faithful to Visceral source

With talent from "Blood the Last Vampire" and "Ergo Proxy" (oh, and "Samauri Champloo") involved, it should've been clear that "Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic" was going to be sickeningly violent. A newly released trailer for the straight-to-video anime spin-off reveals that this Dante's Inferno project isn't a single film, but rather a compilation of animated shorts, much like "The Animatrix," "Batman: Gotham Knight" and, most recently, "Halo: Legends."

We're pretty certain Dante Alighieri is rolling in his grave right now, as this anthology of multiple interpretations of Visceral Games' interpretation of the original epic poem is so very far removed from the source. But hey, it's Alighieri's fault for not having the foresight to write about someone's head getting chopped in half!

Expect The Animated Epic to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray in February, the same month as the game.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.