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THQ gains exclusive rights to Dreamworks game tie-ins


THQ is no stranger to producing accessible, fun-for-the-whole-family entertainment and has just inked a deal to acquire exclusive rights to Dreamworks game tie-ins worldwide. This agreement will see THQ produce three titles initially: Kung-Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom; a game based on upcoming Shrek spin-off, Puss in Boots; and a title based on the animated TV series, The Penguins of Madagascar. That last one sounds a lot more interesting than a game based on Morgan Freeman's penguins, though we must admit, a game based on the French version of that would be fantastique.

But, we digress. THQ also gains rights for "Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Wii Virtual Console" -- we guess THQ has never heard of WiiWare? The first title to release as a part of this deal, The Penguins of Madagascar, will grace store shelves starting next year, while the other games will release alongside their theatrical counterparts in 2011.