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BioWare opens the Jedi Consular's class page

Kyle Horner
Emphasis on non-melee abilities? Check. Robes? Check. Hm, if it weren't for those lightsaber moves, we'd almost have to say Star Wars: The Old Republic's Jedi Consular is a "magic" class. BioWare's released the official page for the newly revealed class, and looking through it proves that even in a galaxy far, far away you can find clothies.

The primary difference between the Knight and Consular is how they fight; one gets up close, while the other prefers to hang back a bit. Sure, the Consular can throw down in melee if need be, but when you command a significant degree of force powers why bother? Check out the new Consular screens below, and check out the official class page for all your lore related goodness.

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